Tuesday, December 19, 2006


The image hosting site (Imagehost.biz) at which I have kept all the small images that I use as "emoticons" to react to particular stories, or that I clip to use to illustrate one-time stories, appears to have had a major crash, and they tell me they have only recovered 50% of images and accounts (which appear to include none of mine). I boggle at the lack of back-up that this implies, for folks who host data for a living.
snow cloud from Photobucket
Anyway, a bit bummed at the resulting visual state of my blog(s), and also at the immensity of the task necessary to replace all of those images (not all of which I even have on hand anymore), let alone fix links to point to the replacements. Guess I'll be showing a slimmer bloggy profile for a while...

[Snow taken from the half-dozen images left behind at my former Photobucket test site.]

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Fortuitous said...

Sadness. Hard to remember we're not creating books here.