Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sometimes I just watch, mouth agape

... as Pundits With a Platform endorse the concept of a Pinochet for Iraq. Digby has this one exactly right:
Sorry bub. Support for Pinochet's mass killing and torture is inherently immoral. And justifying your support because the Chilean economy is doing better than Cuba's is just plain disgusting. This is what has become of the grand neocon experiment in Iraq: phony rhetorical battles with leftist ghosts of thirty years ago. It would be sad if it weren't so sick.
The right wing of our country has led us all into a brick wall. It's time they stepped aside, kept their ideas to themselves, and let the adults people with some grip on reality try to straighten things out. Yeesh.

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upyernoz said...

didn't they already have a pinochet for iraq?

you know, his name was saddam something-or-other. i seem to recall the same pinochet for iraq folks didn't like him too much