Friday, December 22, 2006


Haven't blogged this story, perhaps because it dismays me too much. Plants raided and (brown) workers rounded up, green card holders along with illegals, parents cut off from their children (many of whom are citizens)... And, of course, no punishment for the companies who employed illegal workers. Then it turns out that maybe the motive wasn't immigration but union-busting. And now it looks like we're headed for a new era of detention camps complete with the tried-and-true (Gitmo detainees love it!) system of indefinite detention, no contact with the outside world, and generally an abdication of everything we say this country stands for. Firedog Lake gives an outlet for the anger and frustration, suggesting that we take action by flooding Congress with holiday pleas to bring this injustice to an end. Consider adding your voice -- we can't just stand by and try to wait out the two years until we can take our country back from the monsters, because by then we'll all be monsters...

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