Monday, January 29, 2007

Bad news, but useful frame

The bad news is that the US Comptroller says budget teetering on the verge of needing a tax doubling to pay things back to health. The good news is that Crooks and Liars comes up with a good frame for this:
The right has done a good job of smearing Democrats as "Tax and Spend Liberals." But those of us in the reality-based community know that the money is still being spent, the question is when we take it in. So in my continuing quest to reframe the debate, I move that we hereby dub the Republicans the party of "Borrow and Spend," because all they're doing is borrowing against our children's and grandchildren's taxes.
About right, and putting it this way might help take the air out of the tiresome "tax and spend" refrain, because doing that would be so much better than the current system (at least the budget would balance that way; these guys just spend and spend and hope that money will grow on trees...). Of course, good rhetoric is no replacement for fiscal responsibility.

(via Medley)

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