Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Good news and bad news from the sex wars

Good news: fantastic ad campaign to prevent rape via appeals to men -- "my strength is not for hurting" is the theme (link to a series of posters). Imagine! men can stop rape (link to the sponsoring organization); it's not all up to the women to keep themselves cloistered and/or armed with mace. A heartening development. (Also worthy of note is that a subset of the posters are aimed at same-sex sexual violence: "When I wanted to and he didn't, we didn't.")

Bad news: the latest development in the competitive Seattle coffee market? half-naked barristas. Another opportunity to remind the sex class that even a regular job (minimum wage) should involve showing a little skin. (Or, to quote Twisty, "Is there anything that porn can’t fix?")

(via Twisty commenters, and the blamer herself, respectively)

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