Friday, January 19, 2007

Three bits for Friday

Good news: New York City will pioneer an attempt to let 311 and 911 call centers accept digital images. Probably some danger of spamming, but imagine being able to record real-time images of fleeing criminals, proof of code violations, caller location, etc... If this works, perhaps it will spread to other cities (although really, here in Philly we'd be happy just to have reliable 911 response!).
(via boing boing)

Bad news: Senate Republicans are obstructing a bill on ethics and lobbying reform, holding it captive to their desire for a line-item veto for the President. I'll take mangled priorities for $200, Alex...
(via Talking Points Memo)

Interesting: The Pew folks releases a survey of Internet usage during the 2006 election, including the statistic that some 14 million Americans now consume, create, and/or distribute information online. Lots of interesting analysis of the break-down too -- I like that fact-checking candidate claims is the 2nd most common goal.
(via Talking Points Memo)

(p.s.) have my image hosting account back up and about half reloaded, so I guess you can expect the emoticons and other small images to start trickling in again soon. (however, going back to patch all the broken archives is a much bigger project...)

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