Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday cats -- some spotted, some not

I've been accused of disguising the fact that our household holds *4* cats and not 2, by showing pictures only of the bengals. I can only anwer by noting the difficulty in capturing a picture of a black cat (like our two non-bengals) that looks like anything other than a black blob. Anyway, we do get a decent one occasionally, including this one that pairs Pixel (right) with onetime Master of the Household, Yogi (left).

Yogi and Pixel
You're blocking my heatlamp!

Prior evidence of additonal cats:
foursome, playtime!, three-fer, catnip!, Pixel and Yogi, and of course my cats page (where the "blobs" have been Photoshopped lighter until some features emerged)

Update: here's another one -- a solo appearance by a black cat, no less!

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Great picture of beautiful cats!!