Thursday, February 01, 2007

I love the Internet (installment #483569)

Went looking for a goofy song by a band that was one of my favorite live acts until they went their separate ways, Moxy Fruvous (with an umlaut over that first u). Anyway, I came across an online record of one of their live concerts from some time back, including some favorites and a couple that I swear were never performed elsewhere (Marion Fruvous?!). Has made me happy listening to it all morning, and now I'll have to dig out the one live show tape that I have buried somewhere -- the random patter and musical ad libbing between songs is part of what makes their lives shows much better than their albums. (This isn't their best, but does make me long for another tour!!) Thanks, Internets!!

photo of the Fru boys

And there are many more! whoot!! (I think Iron Horse is the one I have from a tape tree...)


Kurt said...

A fellow Fruvous fan--imagine that! (Though I never saw them live.) My daughter and I were wondering in the car just yesterday what had happened to them.

ACM said...

they amicably split up about 5 years ago, to go in different directions (Mike had a family and was tired of never seeing them, Dave did some solo recording, Jian was touring solo and also helping develop some young talent, and no idea what Murray has been up to). seems unlikely they'll reunite, although they did keep recording the personalized songs that had been earned by die-hard Fru-heads over the year after they split...

sigh. fun stuff!
(and I am reminded that they once got the crowd in Philadelphia, I think, chanting "we are all hippies and geeks!" heh)

ACM said...

Aha! updates on what the boys are doing:

Murray singing
Jian in radio
Mike singing

hard to track down Dave, but there appear to be many musical events. guess he and Mike are mostly just working more locally, with apparent success.