Monday, March 19, 2007

Apparently feminism isn't done!

Several articles and posts currently about the increasing need for America to support families, and not to rely on women to throw away their own futures in favor of their spouses, older parents, and children. Both spouses need to be sharing the life load, and all of society should be making that possible. I particularly liked this TPM Cafe piece, which includes such specific gems as this:
Why are 21st century schoolchildren still being sent home to milk 19th century cows—leaving millions of working parents scrambling frantically for individual solutions to their shared 3-6 pm problem?
and such more general ruminations as this:
What will it take to get us all to see that women are not an “interest group,” that working mothers’ problems are not “identity” politics, and that the problems of working families are the problems of the common good?
Worth a read, whether or not you internalized these sanities long ago. Perhaps the time has come when a bit of progress can be made in forcing America's brand of capitalism to take on a more human face.

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