Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Best line of the morning

Goes to Devilstower, who is tracking the story of the mass firing of US Attorneys:
At this point, the "we fired them for cause" story line is so tattered that it couldn't get a role as an extra in Oliver Twist.
Heh. For those of you who missed this (or who might have been asleep for most of the last 7 years), the operations of the Bush Administration can be summarized thusly:
matters of state Rove looking for a political edge, Bush nodding at Rove's every whim, and Gonzales eagerly twisting the truth to justify whatever Bush puts in front of him. That's not just the story of the purge, it's the script for this whole administration.
Indeed, there is little room for satire anymore. Or justice, even at Justice. sigh.

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