Thursday, March 15, 2007

Long weekend

Spouse and I are headed out of the city for a little breathing of fresh air and breaking of routine. Sadly, it's supposed to be cold and drizzly, but happily, we're pretty capable of making fun in any circumstances, so am itching to get going. To keep you guys happy in my absence, I offer a smattering of sillinesses collected over recent weeks:
  • Ever wonder what it was like to be inside a hamster ball, rolling yourself around the room? Now you can find out! wheeeeeeeeeeee.
    (via boing boing)

  • Pride yourself on your mastery of grilled cheese sandwiches? Pit your best against the rest at the Grilled Cheese Invitational. (This site is mystifying on so many levels...)
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  • Mash-up of the week: Dylan Hears a Who -- how the album of Dr. Suess favorites might sound if sung by Bob Dylan...
    (via pal BH)

  • Need a little visual vacation? I recommend the fantastic black and white photographs of Josef Hoflehner -- I could look and look at these...
    (via wood s lot)

  • Taking art in a more unusual direction is Pete Goldlust, who carves crayons into remarkable sculptural objects.
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  • And speaking of conceptualism, here's a little video of a "mouth band" that plays by singing the name of their instruments. "Guitar solo.... guitar solo..." tee hee.
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  • Ever wonder how we came to drive on the opposite side of the road from our peers in England or Japan? Here's a world map of driving orientations, along with one possible explanation of how it came about.
    (via kottke)
Finally, a little dynamic piece of rare self-revelation, called my visual DNA (which turned out to be an interesting exercise):

(via A Mindful Life)

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