Thursday, March 08, 2007

The problem with FOX

In case anybody's missed it, there's an internal debate in the Democratic party (initially driven by the blogosphere) about a Presidential primary debate planned for Nevada, to be broadcast on Fox. Why the latter is a bad idea is very well explained by Digby here -- in a nutshell, the problem is that the right-wing crazies at Fox get to frame the debate with their pundits, dissect the flaws of every candidate, and insert backdrops and scrolling feeds with a typical array of lies and slander. Thus, however likely or unlikely it is that Fox viewers would have a genuine interest in Democratic candidates, their filter will make sure that the effect is as damaging as possible.

Fox footer with lie

John Edwards has already said he'll pass on this event, and it's possible that some other headliners will follow suit (Obama already doesn't talk to Fox reporters). Hopefully the party leadership will get the message and either find a different way to get the debate televised or get Fox to accept Air America as a cosponsor for the event (which at least puts Fox's "fair and balanced" crap where it belongs).

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