Friday, March 02, 2007

Technical oddities

Apologies are in order, I gather, for anybody who reads this blog via a feed. I've been working through my archives, adding keyword labels, and my way of doing it (reading each post, deciding on the keywords, and republishing) apparently generates a "new update" entry for feeds, even though the posts are dated months or years ago. I can't think of a way around that; Blogger provides a great gadget for adding or removing labels from large swaths of posts, but it's done using a title list, which doesn't really help with most of my stuff (which is whimsically titled), especially if it's more than a few days ago. I'll dig around a bit and see if there's a way I can do my stuff through that interface, but no promises. Anyway, only six more months of posts to catch up with, so it might be done by this weekend.
tiny wrench
Two steps forward, one step back . . .

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