Monday, April 30, 2007

Jon Stewart rocks

His interview with McCain last week was powerful precisely because Jon had been enjoying the mavericky silliness of the previous McCain incarnation, and thus dealt a double blow by being unwilling to accept talking points this time. Anyway, the interview on Bill Moyers show (30-min video or transcript at link) was great. Stewart doesn't want to accept too much credit as a revolutionary voice (after all, the Daily Show has a good dose of fart jokes and the like), but he speaks well to the frustration of watching the press and the White House play set roles, or of Congress and the President talking past each other on issues that are critically in need of serious discussion.
Nobody is saying, "We don't have a problem." Nobody is saying that, "9/11 didn't happen." What they're saying is, "We're not a fragile country, trust us to have this conversation, so that we can do this in the right way, in a more effective way."
It gets better and better -- worth finding the lunch hour to watch it, whether you watch the Daily Show or know little about it.

(thanks, Mom!)

also linked from the same page (part of the same episode?) is a great interview with Josh Marshall, which lays out the story of the US Attorneys -- how "the bloggers" uncovered it, how the pieces fit together, why it matters. A good background for those who find the coverage a bit hard to unravel (and pleasantly framed like a mystery hunt).

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