Thursday, April 12, 2007

The passing of Kilgore Trout

an impish photoKurt Vonnegut is no more. A sorrow to many, myself included. Here are a few links, the tip of the iceberg of the literary, cultural, and personal analysis bound to come:
  • New York Times obit

  • A Hullabaloo post that ends with a nice excerpt of his writing

  • One example of his wit applied to current events

  • Vonnegut's homepage, with a stark yet poignant image

  • A personal reflection over at Salon offers perhaps the best summary quote for the day:
    Vonnegut had an incomparable way of mixing bleak pessimism with avuncular warmth. He could inspire even in the moments when he was underlining, highlighting and italicizing just how fucked up and criminally insane the world really was.
Thanks for keeping us on our toes, or at least trying.

Update: Indexed adds a nice tribute in her inimitable style...

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