Thursday, May 31, 2007

Adventures in produce I: Spring veggies

Spouse and I have signed up for a five-month partial share of a farm cooperative, which means we get a box full of produce every other week. I was a bit skeptical of this, imagining ever-growing heaps of zucchini or nameless, tasteless greens. After one delivery, though, I'm already totally psyched, because we got a bunch of early spring vegetables that I know nothing about, and now I imagine that, in addition to eating more fresh produce, we might get to learn a bit about what grows when and also discover some new gems. Here was the yield of our first box:

spring mix
Here is the least surprising subset: spring green mix, bok choi, mustard greens.
(The last of those is much stronger in flavor than I've experienced before.)

ground bits
Here we have baby bela mushrooms, red scallions (beautiful!), and radishes.

novelties, pea tendrils and fleur de choi
Here are the two real novelties: pea tendrils and fleur-de-choi (flowers of bok choi).
Both edible raw or cooked (according to the email that comes in advance).

I tasted the "fleur," which was a little like broccolli, but with a more pleasant aftertaste. Didn't try the tendrils raw. However, sauteed the pea tendrils, fleurs, and mustard greens, added a little goat cheese, and had a great pasta dish with fettucini. Also, Spouse subsequently made a great quiche with the peas, fleur, scallions, and mushrooms (and eggs and cheese, of course) -- also delicious. Still plan to throw some radishes into our next salad, and a recipe for bok choi in bacon sauce is sitting on the kitchen counter... fun!! Can't wait to see what comes next!

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Anonymous said...

We also are veggie adventurers--having joined the same type of cooperative as you. We are here in the hills of south eastern Ohio and our weekly crate of goodies is coming from a local organic farm. Last week was our first week and in addition to the most gorgeous assortment of greens, we had garlic, fresh mint, thyme, rhubarb, and lots of strawberries. Yeah! we get another crate-full tomorrow! What will our farm family, with help from last week's sun and good rain have for us? The beauty, quality, and taste of these veggies is unsurpassed. And the satisfaction of supporting our local farmers in their quest to bring us the goodness of our own southern Ohio ground is down-right exhilarating.