Thursday, May 17, 2007

To each his vice

I was going to do another little sheepish post to admit that I'm spending time every day playing Kingdom of Loathing (see my little clip of their cartoon monsters in the footer to this blog), but I think I'll roll that in with another art project display. In preparation/practice for the Philadelphia puzzle that we made for our niece, we made another puzzle for our own amusement using some classic images from KoL:

KoL puzzle

A little tricky, since it's a black-and-white stick-figure game (see the logo 2nd from left in the upper row, which is an adventurer with sword and martini in hand), but these seemed to work pretty well, and it makes us giggle. We're particularly proud of the brainsweeper (top right), which is essentially a disembodied brain in a lab jar, animated on a set of broom feet.

Yay for Spouse and the jigsaw! Yay for weekend fun!

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