Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bad news round-up

A new day for abhoring the Republican jihadis and the way they have raped the Constitution and the fuctioning of this nation over the last six years...
  • Dick Cheney's offics is so cavallier about classified information that most of the White House security office has quit. His being above the 3-branch division of our government is just the tip of the iceberg -- there's evidence here that our national security matters not at all to the VP.

  • Republican Senators, long decriers of the evils of the filibuster, are now blocking the progress of approved legislation by putting a hold on the House-Senate conference process. And in order to block what dire legislation? Ethics reform and implementation of the 9/11 Commission report recommendations. Again, national security getting the boot (over the spectre of unionization, apparently).

  • Going a bit farther back, the Republican Congress allowed hunting of endangered animals outside the US, and now the NRA is arguing that polar bears are doomed anyway, so why not enjoy the hunting while it lasts? I guess they're not worried about either climate change or our national legacy to our grandchildren...
These stories make more than my head hurt.

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