Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Digby unmasked

I think Digby at Hullabaloo is one of the best analysts and writers in the blogosphere, and ever since Medley raised the question, I've suspected that the person behind the pseudonym might be a woman. Well, a major award drew her out of the woodwork, and it was worth the wait -- she speaks to the democratizing effect of the Internet on political discourse and its potential for changing the way people get involved, from investigative journalism to opinionizing and activism. Inspiring and eloquent, as ever.

(via Medley)

Update: Here's a quote from the midst of the description of the world of bloggers (the whole transcript is now online here), which captures Digby's power of getting to the point:
We may argue about tactics and strategy or the extent to which we are partisans vs ideologues--and believe me, we do. But there is no disagreement among us that the modern conservative movement Of Newt and Grover and Karl and Rush has proven to be a dangerous cultural and political cancer on the body politic.
Indeed it has. Thank goodness the Honorable Opposition has some voices such as this one. (I hope you already watched the speech linked above!)

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