Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday miscellania

Have been collecting links all day, but apparently not posting, so here they are in a heap...
  • A new study puts an end to the image of women as chatterboxes, showing that men and women talk almost identical amounts every day. (Note that the closest thing to a source of the other belief is attributed to James Dobson!)

  • Terrorism doesn't work -- it can create terror, but has essentially no effect in bringing about the purported political aims of the perpetrators. (That is, unless you count the way that Osama has pulled W's strings for several years.)

  • Speaking of which, it looks like Iraqi deaths since we took over their country number close to a million by best estimates (whereas most Americans guess about 1000-fold fewer than that).

  • Whitehouse spokesman summarizes their stance on the state of justice in the United States.

  • A surprising number of Americans are in favor of impeachment proceedings, especially for Vice President Cheney.
    (via Atrios)

  • An amusing photographic demonstration of the obscene building craze that has ahold of Dubai. It's like FutureWorld!
    (via Follow Me Here)

  • Finally, a tired kitten to foreshadow my expected plans for the weekend...

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