Friday, July 20, 2007

Two interesting bits on feminism

Actually, they're about/by men who are (pro-)feminist. Both longish but worth reading all the way through.
  1. The first is about the dual need to support women's battles against patriarchy (and make a difference wherever possible) while simultaneously handling the mix of emotions that comes from hearing stories that cast men as haters. It's noteworthy not only for showing equal attention to both types of problems, but for understanding that injecting "this bums me out" into every feminist conversation is entirely unhelpful and can derail necessary conversations of a different type. I applaud the author for helping create a "feminist ally" community where such discussions can productively take place.
    (via Medley)

  2. The second is less about that particular struggle than about how we teach college students to think about consent. In particular, I agree that just teaching "how not to be raped" is sadly lacking, and "how not to be a rapist" is a critical component as well. Even more helpful is his argument that
    The opposite of rape is not consent. The opposite of rape is enthusiasm.
    That certainly reframes the situation where pushing and pushing (against silence or denial) can be seen as an ok form of behavior between partners, not to mention taking advantage of silent or unconscious individuals. Useful thoughts.
I'm out of here for a long weekend, so you'll have to make do without me until Wednesday. cheers!

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