Friday, February 08, 2008

New toy Friday

I thought I'd be blogging some two-legged pets today, but then yesterday Fed Ex brought me a little surprise to help while away the time until Speck arrives (and, really, to improve my experience of random bits of time after she's here): a new Mac Air.

Click the image above if you want a little slideshow that captures the
step-by-step fun of opening up the boxes and seeing what's inside.

Once I turned it on, I stopped taking pictures and just got to fussin', but I might add some action shots (and other angles) later. I gotta say, the display is really striking, which somehow I hadn't considered. This weekend, I guess I'll figure out which of the many files on my iBook and tablet should really be centralized on the new laptop (especially since I intend to set it up to back up automatically to a wireless TimeCapsule drive).

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