Thursday, June 05, 2008

What makes a good team-mate

Everybody seems to be touting the notion of an Obama-Clinton ticket, as though the close raise means that "we should have both." But that kind of thinking just makes clear to me why Obama can't possibly afford to pick Hillary for his Vice President: because it would never be clear to anybody who was running things. You simply can't have both, not at the top, not in the Presidency. It needs to be clear that, even with an independent and active VP, s/he always speaks for the President, and isn't working a parallel power structure or agenda. Nobody would ever feel that way about Clinton, especially not those who somehow felt she deserved the nomination despite the outcome of the actual selection process, especially after the way she's pulled out all the stops on the divisiveness and refusal to step aside. Obama needs somebody who's respectable, somewhat known, and perhaps brings a different demographic into play, but somebody who is clearly second in command.

Anyway, I'm sure his choice will be interesting, thoughtful, perhaps a revelation. Am happy, though that so far he's saying "settle down" to the nation and its chattering classes, because there is plenty of time to mull things over and make a good choice. One needn't have the selection ready the day after the nomination is clinched.

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