Thursday, July 31, 2008

Miscellaneous bits

lightbulbSeveral things that have caught my attention lately and been waiting for me to blog them...
  • A piece from a couple of years ago that encapsulates some truths about the healthcare debate in a useful and enlightening way -- why economists aren't always the best people to evaluate various policies, say.

  • The trend toward green building in a good one, but equally important may be recognizing the resources already tied up in existing buildings, and finding ways to minimize the waste of them when planning new development. "Embodied energy" seems both obvious and totally overlooked; could be a next wave in thinking.

  • Am very intrigued by this union publicity effort to set the record straight on a number of lies and distortions being spread about Obama. No idea whether they can target the sort of people who have become convinced by the "he's a muslim" rumor mill, but could be a powerful effect if so.

  • And, in case I had forgotten why I love The Internets, this video reminds me -- enough crazy folks around the world with time on their hands, and a few will produce a twisted kind of random brilliance. Mmmm-mmm.
    (via Bitch, Ph.D.)

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