Monday, November 10, 2008


Am totally tired of Joe Lieberman. Of his being on the wrong side of the war, yes, but also blocking progress in many other areas, rejecting the will of his party when he lost their nomination, and spitting in the face of the Democrats in the recent Presidential race (and yet McCain took Palin to the prom, sniff). He's lucky that Reid is allowing him the option of staying in the caucus, now that he's not the vote that gives them the majority, and there are reasons to wonder why he's holding so hard to his current chairmanship rather than taking his lumps for all the backstabbing...

Edit: here's a whole compendium of Joe-wrongness. It's not just the war. Let's keep up with the "time for a change" mantra and make sure this guy isn't in charge of anything important.
(via Political Animal)

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