Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday randomness

A bunch of links to stuff that I've accumulated lately.
  • More from the comeuppance department: Justice Scalia scoffs at calls for privacy protections until surprised by a dossier on himself, compiled by students from publically available sources.

  • Hilarious: the knee-jerk contrarian game, which consists of looking at the one-star ratings given to all-time classic books and music. Don't miss the extra examples in the comments (the grammatical critique of Whitman is my personal fave).
    (via kottke)

  • Hard to have kids in this modern age? Two views:

    1. Grandmas (or parents!) who take bath pics beware: you could be charged with child pornography.
      (via Atrios?)

    2. Parents who are nervous about kidnappers and the like: take solace in the fact that the world is no more dangerous than in your own childhood, despite the media hype. Balance caution against the value of independence...

  • Today's doubletalk: when the Chinese do it, it's torture; when we master the same techniques... oh, you know the story.
    (via Talking Points Memo)

cutie with chairs
And what's a random list without a random baby photo??
Have a good weekend, all!

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