Monday, May 04, 2009

From the department of holy crap (or just crap)

A variety of stories that have been piling up in my tabs...
  • Quite shocking, the NYTimes company might actually follow through on its threat to close the Boston Globe, although it may still just be trying to strong-arm a variety of its unions.
    (via Atrios)

  • Truly horrific: Elsevier actually publishes a fake journal so that a major pharmaceutical company can cite nonexistant research in support of its products. In how many ways is this wrong?!?
    (via NowThis, in a tweet)
    Update: they have a whole division dedicated to this sort of fake authenticity! ack!!

  • Republicans will blaim anything on a conspiracy. Sure, we liberals cooked up a pandemic as a plot to expand the reach of government...

  • Wonkette makes a good case for getting rid of the White House press corps, which seems to do more along the lines of gossip columns than breaking real news or analysis.
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  • Jason Kottke has an interesting defense of Twitter, which really extends to all online networking and socializing -- that is, it is neither more nor less inane than in-person socializing, but people seem to expect More, somehow, from all the bells and whistles.

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