Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So much hatred, so few outlets

I gotta say, the right wing is a really creepy place these days. There are "journalists" and bloggers fretting over what an Obama daughter is wearing (or perhaps her hairstyle), and now a soldier who contests his deployment to Iraq on the basis that Obama wasn't born in the US and thus isn't a legitimate Commander in Chief. Or something -- who really wants to know what's in these people's minds?!

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John Powers said...

Howdy stranger! Thanks for the reply in the threads at BAGNews about Malia's peace sign shirt. One of the things about parenting, it seems to me people forget, is that parents get to see their kids "blossom." I mean early on it's clear kids are themselves and not what we want them to be; their qualities emerge with only little guidance from us. The idealism of children is a powerful motivation to give them reasons to hope.