Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Four bits on healthcare

More on not taking your health insurance for granted at face value:
  • Digby takes a typically insightful look at how the insured are losing what they've got, either acutely when they get sick or gradually through dropping of coverage and upping of prices.

  • A fellow parent offers this chilling example of a couple discovering that their carefully chosen insurance has so many loopholes that they owe $20k for a perfectly normal baby delivery. We shouldn't be slaves to fine print; there should be a sane minimum for what must be covered.

  • From a different antle, this blogger compares single-payer versus socialized medicine, using Canada and Britian as examples. Illuminating and also very amusing!

  • Finally, Chris Bowers hopes that the media will get away from photos of right-wing frothers interrupting town hall meetings and back to what this debate is really about: "average Americans struggling against a powerful, for-profit health care financing industry." Wait, you want substance? and/or sympathy for the common man? crazy!
Off to visit some relatives -- have a good (long) weekend!

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