Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday baby pics

Really, I have such cute ones from Speck's introduction to the beach, that I'm already "over" these other shots. But those (and some videos) are still stuck inside the camera until my life ebbs a bit, so these will have to, um, tide you over....

garden girl 1 = looking through the bars, bear in hand...
Speck enjoying the view from a garden gazebo
(site of the wedding reception)

garden girl picks up gravel
The real fun of the gazebo was picking up scattered gravel and throwing it back down to the (gravel-covered) ground below. This was good for a serious stretch of entertainment!

dad_baby_garden = Dad in a kilt watching Speck in the gazebo, with river and greenery in the background
Since I promised some blokes in kilts, here's Dad watching over Speck at play, modeling the kilt that he rented for this (Glasgow) wedding. The view over his shoulder gives you a sense of the idyllic setting...

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