Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Latest stirrings on healthcare

Was pretty bummed to come back from vacation to the pronouncement that the Obama folks might be turning their backs on the public option. (I'm still bummed, even after reading lots of tea-leaf analysis of whether it means Slight Weakening or Complete Abandonment of support.) stethoscope Am extremely heartened this morning to see a rare show of spine from House progressives on this issue. I've lost all ability to tell what's real opinion broadcasting versus kibuki for the media (i.e., was Obama spurring some legislators to show themselves, rather than leaving him as a lightning rod? or is that too Man Behind the Curtain?), but I'm happy to see that we're not leaving all the discussion to misinformed or crazy wackos on the right. ("Keep government out of my healthcare, and don't touch my Medicare!" sigh)

Via a tweet from Medley, this no-nonsense checklist of the options for healthcare reform -- not a policy pick-and-choose, but a chance for opponents to be clear about what they really do or don't want for the system. Love the status quo? If not, here's what's left...

Update: John Stewart, about Obama's inability to stay on-message: "Yes we can! unless you think maybe we shouldn't...?"

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