Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday baby blogging

Went on our first overseas trip with Speck about two weeks ago, and it went remarkably well. Stayed in a little apartment in the city for several days and then trekked into the sheep-studded countryside for a castle-based wedding (and old pal catch-up) extravaganza thereafter. Photos from the first half have been processed, so some shots of Speck in sunny settings for your enjoyment.

buckets4 -- a tower defying gravity
Getting settled, Speck defies gravity with stacking buckets.

couch2 -- camera play with Dad
More getting settled, the ubiquitous camera funtime.

pointing O's in a store window
A favorite outdoor pursuit: pointing out all the O's in signs.

holding hands
A first: holding hands with Dad to explore a park.

Next time: blokes in kilts!

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