Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Baby bits

You know, I started to post some obligatory Halloween pics, but then I just didn't really want to. Speck was a dinosaur this year, with green stegosaurus spines down her back, but the photos feel more documentary than actually cute. Meh. Perhaps more fun, she got to decorate a pumpkin with all kinds of spooky stickers at a local playground's Halloween party (which made up well for the fact that our carved jack-o-lantern succumbed to mold and other disgusting decay several days before the holiday itself). But, you know, cuteness is what we need, not topicality!

So here are some cute baby pics to cure your post-election blahs (all from around 20 months). I'll start with one dinosaur-themed one just as a token gesture toward the costume of the year...

baby looking out from a fake dinosaur egg (dino_egg_crop)
A sober face in dramatic lighting, but it's all crawling and play...

Speck in a skirt, looking into teh distance (bus_stop_lean2)
This one has a sort of classical feel (1920's curls?). It's Speck's imitation/embodiment of how a commuter leans against the bus stop while waiting.

Speck's head on Daddy's shoulder, flirting with the camera over top of a book (reading2)
Blurry but cute, Speck leaning on Daddy as they read a book...
(She's become a little bit of a snuggler in the last month or so. yay!)

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Kathryn said...

Speck is SO adorable!! :) That face needs kisses.