Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tough luck, poor people

Bigger entities continue to protect the interests of the wealthy while letting the poor pick up the tab (or sniff the fumes):
  • State tax systems contribute to differential tax burdens, with the top brackets paying the lowest percentage of their total incomes when the math is done.

  • Big corporate entities like Comcast aren't happy with their near-monopolies, deregulation, and general ability to screw their customers; now they want to prevent local governments from acting to overcome the digital divide (i.e., making the wired world more accessible to lower-income folks). "Their argument is that in areas where they serve, there are no unserved or underserved communities." Surely you jest!!
I don't think you have to be paranoid to think that some of these things need rectifying. Government-industrial complex, be gone!

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