Friday, December 18, 2009

Art fun with baby

Finally uploaded a couple of photos of Speck's other art projects (only the first one has been made public previously) -- the camera has been clogged up with big movies, also just offloaded so that some day we can have more photos of the kid herself (and so that I will eventually process those videos to share speaking/playing Speck with the larger world). Meantime, these are cute enough to be worth posting for your weekend enjoyment . . .

pumpkin made of glued-down colored seeds
Second craft project, featuring seeds from our Halloween pumpkin

Speck's first watercolor -- abstract swirls, of course
Culmination of our exploration of watercolors

streetlight craft, from torn paper
Even though this one involved no paint (a disappointment to Speck), the fact that it featured a stoplight was considered nearly adequate compensation; she loves to narrate the state of the lights when we approach an intersection on foot...
[No real holiday theme, but it looks festive on Gammy's fridge!]

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