Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday week bits

  • Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009/2010 -- includes "US schools more segregated than in the 1950s" and "Katrina's hidden race war" among other things we'd probably rather forget.

  • A great send-up of the whole "best of" list tradition, from the Onion, of course: The Top 10 Stories of the Last 4.5 Billion Years, including such classics as "Rat-Shit-Covered Physicians Baffled By Spread Of Black Plague" and "Evolution going great, reports trilobite"

  • Everybody's heard the phrase "harder than herding cats," but I have to say that I forgive the fact that the following video is really an advertisement because it's such a detail-perfect embodiment of that concept. Right down to the guy using a tape roller to get cat hair off his shirt . . .
    (via Hotstuff on the KoL forums)

    holly sprig

  • This year is too soon for Santa stories, and I'm not sure whether we ever really want those to compete with, you know, Jesus stories, but anyway, this is a fabulous way to tell your kid about Santa when the time for reality arrives, and a good example of treating your kid with respect in just about any context.
    (via A Mindful Life)

  • Also, for those anticipating a rash of (possibly dull) holiday parties, here are 10 Science Party Tricks to amaze your friends (and maybe yourself as well). I can't wait to get home and try the candle/match one!!

  • Finally, just for fun, here's a pic of people having a snowball fight in Times Square to celbrate the epic snowfall of the weekend (memorably linked by the Twitter tag #snOMG). w00t!

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