Monday, December 07, 2009

Huh, wha?

Oog, Monday. Spouse and I took advantage of a Speck visit with Gammy to (1) see a movie on Saturday night (! in a theater!), and (2) buy a Christmas tree (and some poinsettas, etc.) on Sunday morning. I then spent a good portion of the middle of Sunday making the house festive and cozy, at the price of feeling like this this morning... Feh.

cozy house in snowWill decorate tree this evening, our first family tree. Hopefully it's prickly enough to deter cats, skinny enough to live with/around all month, but nice enough to make a really happy tree. To Speck, it's just another thrilling craft project (frustratingly deferred), but I suspect that the magic will strike her, once the lights are on and she has some ownership of the whole thing. Who knows. Quite fun already from our vantage... (Will post photos when it's done.)

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