Monday, December 14, 2009

The volcano demands a sacrifice!

erupting volcanoMan, Lieberman's antics just never stop -- he's getting close to Arlen Specter for making the most personal publicity out of every piece of public policy, while never actually helping anything (good) happen. Let's just stipulate that he's a giant putz.

Still, I'm sort of amazed that people are continually surprised by his behavior on healthcare reform. What seems obvious is that (1) he's more popular with Republicans than Democrats in his home state, so he has no pressure to play along with the caucus, and, more importantly, (2) he comes from the heartland of the insurance industry, and could make a legitimate claim to be serving his state by serving insurance company interests, even if he weren't already their bought man. I don't believe that there is any reform proposal or compromise that actually improves things for the average citizen that Lieberman will be able to support. Congress needs to find a way to make things happen without him.

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