Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On politics, healthcare, and closing the barn door after the horses are gone...

Nancy Pelosi has an excellent grasp on things that the average voter can afford to overlook: politics has to be done when possible, lest circumstances change in an unforseeable way. Every aspect of the painful course of healthcare reform have made that clear, including the fact that the moment might have already zipped past us.

Jon Stewart summarizes the situation best, as he so often does -- the strategic lapses, the ridiculous double standard of Washington, the head-banging frustration of it all. Gotta watch the whole thing.

No idea how the election in MA will turn out, but very much afraid that meaningful healthcare reform, one of the most pressing issues of our times, might never happen. (And then things only get worse.) Happy to be wrong!!!!!

(first link via a Medley tweet; last via Atrios)

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Medley said...

Such a nightmare.