Friday, February 19, 2010

Belated Valentine

Am feeling very infatuated with Speck these days. That's not to say that parenthood is all roses -- as a general undertaking, it's all about additional responsibilities, reduced free time, and long stretches of mind-numbing repetition/explanation/negotiation -- but rather that the particulars of this one personality, and the chance to watch it develop, are enchanting. I suppose that every parent has their moments/stages of appreciation and others of more frustration, so perhaps I'm just wallowing in a little of the former.

Speck has become quite lovey, with lots of hugs and kisses to go around (and not just for her stuffed animals, as it was for a long time). That's made me realize what a long snuggle-free stretch we had. Parenting inherently involves a lot of contact, from carrying to scrubbing, but that's quite different from getting to snuggle your offspring up against you, let alone the feel of her burrowing her head into your shoulder or the sight of her open-mouthed, wide-armed grin as she runs toward you from across the room. These are good times.

Additionally, Speck's vocabulary and communicativeness have both blossomed over recent months, and she's continuing to get more companionable. Mornings no longer require full-time entertainment by one parent while the other gets ready; she can come into the bathroom and join us in brushing her teeth, talking Mom through her make-up, having her toys help pick Dad's clothes, or even sharing a shower. She also continues to like to help a lot, from throwing wet laundry into the dryer to digging at snowdrifts with her little scoop. She sings to herself in the highchair, has memorized a couple of her favorite books, helps look after a 6-month-old who comes to visit with some regularity.

I dunno. Maybe this is my replacement for pining after spring. But it feels like this is a golden time, of dependence mixed with affection, when every discovery and every millimeter of mastery is still cause for celebration and when there are so many new things to share. I'm sure I'll appreciate the greater independence that comes with increasing age, but I still think I'll miss the purity of her emotions right now, the closeness of the connection. Will do my best to drink it up while I can.

Speck's face in a little heart shape, background to match my blog
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