Monday, February 08, 2010

Snowpocalypse, redux

Well, there may not have been much snow in New York this past weekend, but we had plenty here (we can't even see this much of our patio) -- something like 20 inches in 24 hours, which is enough to tax the infrastructure in even the snowbelt states, let alone here (or further south). Didn't get any video of the great dig-out (complete with Speck helping with a cat litter scoop), but I do have this video from just before Christmas, after that first big storm, when she first got to walk about in snow and wonder at it. Look, footprints!

Man, if I'd known it would really do more of this, I'd have tracked down a sled. Just hard to justify the storage space when it sometimes snows a total of 0.5 inch two times in a whole winter...

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