Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tuesday link-dump

A bunch of things. What mileage a blogger with time might make of discussing such! You can tell these have been collected for a week or two, so apologies for my lost referrers.
  • Wonderful meeting of history and creativity: What Would Martin Luther King Make of Twitter? (captures two sensibilities almost equally well!)

  • An observation from the State of the Union, about the historical anomaly of the President's calling out the Supreme Court Justices in person.
    The Supremes are used to wafting into the House in their black robes, sitting dispassionately through the speech and wafting ethereally out again on a cloud of apolitical rectitude. It's like they forget they're there because they're one of the three branches
    Not this time!

  • Things we're not hearing about Haiti: how aid is getting fumbled by administrative disorganization. A real tragedy, and maybe an explanation for all the scenes of desperation that the media so loves.

  • A bit of optimism in the midst of much criticism of Obama: he's been quietly reviving regulatory agencies that can improve the lives of many if not most Americans. Score one for progressives!

  • On the creepy side: a poll of Republicans reveals the depth of their ignorance and bias. A third think Obama should be impeached? for what?? Many of the results here show the power of high-publicity fringe movements.

  • And finally, just as a poke at my own gizmo-ga-ga reaction, the Onion's version of Apple Finally Unveils iPad.

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