Thursday, April 01, 2010

iPad intrigue

iPad images from AppleAm quite intrigued by the iPad, even more than the iPhone, both because I websurf (et al.) much more than I talk on the phone and because the bigger screen hugely increases the number of things you can do with this critter. Of course, still too big for your pocket, so some lifestyle adaptation required...

Am not a first-adopter type, but was curious to see how real people would find this gadget. The first reviews are pretty impressive and make me want to see one in person, just to play a bit. Also struck by the possible impact that this could have on publishing (see, e.g., much of this review), particularly the ability to seamlessly integrate pretty advanced multimedia aspects. The future is ever more intriguing to imagine!

Update: well, here's the counterargument on just about every front. I think he undervalues the magic of techno-love -- I mean, many of the same arguments could be made about the iPhone and many many people love it -- but he has some points too. Only time will tell.

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