Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Bits about that oil that's gushing all over the place

oil-soaked bird head graphic
  • This cartoon strikes me as capturing the visceral feelings that I have in watching the oil slick widen, the coast get engulfed, and the cleaner-uppers wave their hands.
    (via a dailyKos diary)

  • But this cartoon maybe gets at the deeper scariness, which involves all those reassurances that Nothing Will Ever Go Wrong (and that we can keep on Not Thinking About where our energy comes from).
    (via a dailyKos diary)

  • Even scarier, and something I hadn't thought to ask, or seen anybody else discuss, is what exactly BP is pumping into the water to contain the oil -- should we really take for granted that those chemicals are less dangerous than what they're mopping up?
    (via Atrios)

  • On the more thought-provoking front is this question about whether we (the larger human species, and maybe the earth too) really win if the current spill quenches interest in futher drilling off the US coast, since drilling elsewhere is so much more ecologically damaging. (Though, of course, There not Here...)

  • Meantime, Rush Limbaugh takes the occasion to clarify that he's a putz by assuming that drilling miles into the ocean floor is a natural-type phenomenon. Can we take away that guy's mic already??

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