Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tuesday of Too Many Tabs

Here's some neat stuff I've bumped into lately. Apologies where the referer has been lost...
  • A flight attendant and travel magician shows how to pack for a ten-day trip in a carry-on bag. Rolling your clothes achieves much more compaction than I would have thought possible.

  • InfoLadies of Bangladesh bring a host of instruction to rural villages, using Web-derived information to improve people's every day lives. Fantastic.

  • Hate being put on hold at customer service? A new company makes the call for you, and rings your phone when a live representative finally picks up.

  • Piling up physical clutter "for the kids"? Here's some advice to give up that collection in favor of real memories and a few choice items.
    (via a Medley tweet)

  • Finding your life mentally cluttered? Maybe you need to add in some uni-tasking practice to get an upper hand on your mental space at work and at home. We certainly seem to prefer busy-ness to mindfulness, and I think we might be surprised how satisfying the reverse can be...
    (via kottke)
Edit: More "decluttering" thoughts: Twelve things the world should toss out; from fine print to obsession with chastity, these seem like good dreams...

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