Monday, July 19, 2010

Everybody needs friends (Monday baby-blogging)

Speck sleeps on top of a heap of stuffed animals, most of which she never plays with at any other time (although the oldest got some carry-around time in early days). Here she demonstrates her ability to hold them all in her arms at once, tucking the droopers back in like a mother hen...

little girl, gritting her teeth as she squeezes her half-dozen or so sleeping toys
Quick! take the picture while I have them! (27+ months)

close-up of the armload of stuffed animals
A close-up of the pile. From top: Feel-Better Bear, Oscelot (just foot visible) Stubby Bear (originally intended as a back-up for primary bear), Tsah, two elephants on left, mouse nose barely visible in lower-right. (Red bird not visible here, but glimpsed at left above.)

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