Monday, August 09, 2010

Terrible things, wonderful things

Terrible things
  • Handy tools for keeping track of your kids become deadly in the hands of abusive stalkers and spouses. A word to the wise.
    (via FreeRangeKids tweets)

  • I had this same response to the Michele Obama anti-obesity campaign -- can't you focus on fitness rather than further stigmatizing fat kids? jeez.
    (via Alas a Blog)

  • America would rather unravel its civilization than take a few extra tax %'s from those who are doing ok or spend money to perk the economy back up. What on earth?!
    (via Atrios)
Wonderful things
  • There's new evidence that there may have been no Big Bang, but rather that the universe has no beginning or end. Should be interesting to see how this is received both in the scientific community and as it impacts widespread humanistic philosophy.
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  • Some scientists have managed to harness the powerful pattern-recognition abilities of the human brain to improve the performance of a protein-folding algorithm. Neat as a concept -- gaming as cloud computing -- and as an application where non-experts can contribute in a meaningful way.

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