Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Snowstorm baby-blogging

Speck was greatly delighted by the snowstorm that hit our area after Christmas, and insisted on going out to play several times per day for as long as the snow persisted. We got about a foot, so there was plenty of fodder for shoveling, making footprints, or just sitting down in a drift (with several changes of pants and mittens along the way)...

little girl and dad sweep snow off a black car
For some reason, Speck's first focus is always on brushing off the car.

Speck in red snowsuit with play shovel in hand and grin
Eventually the joy of pure frolic took over...

Dad and toddler walk in the snow, shovels in hand
Finally, checking whether the sidewalk in front of the gardens needs attention.

She's a little deflated that all that snow has melted away -- although warm weather did mean a trip to the playground over this past weekend, complete with carrying remnants of snow hither and thither and "hiding" snowballs at the base of trees. There are a few flakes on next week's forecast, so who knows!

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