Thursday, February 24, 2011

Obligatory birthday-related posting

Well, we've had some festivities around the household, and the incremental aging of small persons! With balloons and presents and much bouncing in a Tigger-like way.

giggling Speck with tongue askew
Yes, this critter turned 3 years old.

lilypad cake with fondant frog and crayon candles
This was the lilypad + frog cake. Stencil a last-minute addition.

Speck applies fork to cake with great concentration!
This year, she ate the cake! CAKE!!
(chocolate by direct request)

I feel like the first three years have been very tangible to us, with all the sleeplessness and intensity of time-spending, and general infinitesimal subdivision of the day into tiny discoveries and battles. And yet I can feel that things are starting to speed up, that 4 will arrive at a stunning rate, that I will be amazed that time could ever resume its prior rush. This musing, looking backward from the huge distance of 6, made me cry a bunch.

Onward we go.

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