Thursday, May 19, 2011

No plastic at all?

rainbow of tupperwareHave been driven to action by this study, which indicates that it's not really safe to store any of your food or drinks in any kind of plastic.
The researchers were able to measure some type of estrogenic chemical leaching from roughly 95 percent of all the plastics tested, including 100 percent of the food wraps and 98 percent of the plastic bags. Even when the plastics were unstressed and just exposed to various solutions, they still leached estrogenic chemicals.
Am trying to find glass or stainless steel alternatives to our mishmash of plastic containers, while also factoring in the need for unbreakable toddler options and leakproof lunch solutions. Looks like a pretty big project, but I expect to have many decades yet in which my body can thank me...

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Medley said...

I know, right? I've been slowly converting to stainless steel (for water bottles out and about) - but storage is a challenge. I'm kinda' hoping it's still ok to maybe eat off of or drink out of plastic now and then - since it's not prolonged contact - but maybe not? Arrgghh. (I stopped microwaving anything plastic years ago after a couple of weird warpings and smells...)